Inductive Proximity

Contrinex Inductive Proximity Sensors

Contrinex Inductive Proximity Sensors provide significantly more stability with respect to environmental influences and temperatures than other leading Sensor Manufacturers.

The improved stability of Contrinex Sensors permits the sensing points to be further away, allowing for longer operating distances. The Contrinex range of inductive sensors all include metal units which are particular useful in harsh environments or when switches are subject to collisions with other objects.

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Contrinex Full Inox Basic

Contrinex Inox basic series of inductive sensors – Entry Level Robust Inductive Sensors

Contrinex Inductive Sensor Inox BasicContrinex Basic Line series combines the robustness and long life of the Full Inox range with sensor properties of standard technology, offering a cost effective entry to world of full metal sensors. The BASIC series provides an ideal gap for applications which cannot dispense a full metal housing but still require a cost effective solution.

Industry Use

Ideal use for machine builders, automotive manufacturing, mobile equipment and machine tools.

Key Features:

  • One-piece stainless-steel Full Inox housing
  • Mechanically and chemically extremely robust
  • Factor 1 on steel and aluminium
  • Corrosion resistant
  • IP68 and IP69K
  • Excellent temperature compensation
  • Vibration and shock-resistant
  • High quality ASIC sensor

Powerful Contrinex ASCI ensures guaranteed operating distance, highly repeatable results and long sensor life. Quick installation, lower tolerance values and easy setup with or without IO-Link.

For more information on the Contrinex Inox basic sensors, download the sensor guide here.

Mobile Equipment Use

Robust, highly reliable sensors are vital for continuous operation in environments that may be challenging in the extreme.

Exposure to dirt, dust, impact, vibration and seawater or corrosive chemicals and extreme of temperatures the full Inox basic offers a long lifetime in application subject to vibration and temperature changes.

Machine building

Common hazards for inductive sensors include cutting fluid, cooling sprays, swarf particles and electromagnetic interference, making sensor selection particularly difficult where world-class performance is essential. The Contrinex Full Inox are extremely robust with no false switching caused by metal dust or chips and offer a cost optimised solution.

Automotive manufacturing industry

Sensors of all types in automotive factories must be high performance and robust due to the particular harsh environments they are in. Processes such as welding, metal finishing and high temperature coating, inductive sensors need to perform accurately and reliably.

Contrinex inductive sensors offer cost optimised for tough applications, provide same operating distance on steel or aluminium and offer no false switching by metal dust or chips.

Contrinex Series 300 Sensor

Contrinex Inductive Series 300

The Contrinex Series 300 Sensor delivery program includes size diameter of 3mm smooth and M4 in embeddable execution. This range of sensors is the smallest self contained inductive proximity sensors available on the market.

All sensors are available in 3-wire DC, NPN and PNP executions. All 3 wire models are available in N.O and N.C configurations; with a LED output state indicator as a standard feature. All important protection functions are built in, such as short circuit and overload protection, full polarity reversal protection, induction protection, EMC protection, power on reset etc.

Contrinex Inductive Series 400

Contrinex Series 400 SensorThe Contrinex Series 400 Sensor delivery program includes size diameter of 4 mm smooth, M5 threaded as well as 5 x 5 x 25 mm rectangular with through holes for fixing, all in embeddable execution.

A further device with 4 mm diameter is distinguished by its very short length of only 10 mm.

Contrinex Inductive Series 420

Contrinex Series 420 SensorThe Contrinex Series 420 Sensor delivery program includes size diameter of 6.5 mm smooth and M8. This range of sensors is distinguished by their short length. The integration with a right angled cable exit corresponds to all relevant standards.

Contrinex Inductive Series 500

Contrinex Series 500 SensorThe Contrinex Series 500 Sensor delivery program ranges from diameter 4 mm to M30 in embeddable (Ø 4 mm and M5 recess mountable) and non embeddable executions.

This sensor range is standardised, however greater operating distances also available: 2.2 to 3 times the standard values.

Contrinex Inductive Series 520

Contrinex Series 520 SensorThe Contrinex Inductive Series 520 Sensor is suitable for targets which are normally difficult to detect such as small or narrow objects, non-ferrous metal, wires etc. Operating temperature range of the Contrinex Series 520 Sensor is: -25 to 70°C. Series 520 Sensors come in sizes M8 and M12 and include NO and NC types and PNP or NPN configurations.

Contrinex Series 600


Contrinex Series 600 SensorThe Contrinex Series 600 Sensor this range comprises all widely used sizes from 6.5 mm smooth to M30. All sensors are available in 3-wire DC, PNP and NPN versions, with cables or connectors. Sizes M12, M18 and M30 are also available as 2 wire AC/DC models (for 20 to 265 VAC or 20 to 320 VDC) as well as 2 wire DC execution for (for 10 to 65 VDC). A LED output state indicator comes as a standard.

All protection functions are built in, such as short circuit and overload protection, full polarity reversal protection, induction protection, EMC protection & power on reset.


The Contrinex Series 600 Sensor also comes in a rectangular type in sizes of 40 x 120 mm, 60 x 80 mm and 80 x 100 mm. These sensors are equipped with screw terminals for easy connection. All sensor types are available as 3 wire DC PNP models, and some also as NPN models or as 2 wire UC (AC/DC) versions.

Also Contrinex provide cubic models of 40 x 40 x 40 mm with connectors, which are available as 4 wire PNP or NPN as well as 2 wire UC. LED and protection circuitry are as for cylindrical types.

The housing of the sensor is high quality plastic (mostly reinforced PBTP glass fibre to ensure the excellent mechanical stability of these sensors.

Contrinex Series 620

Contrinex Series 620 SensorThe Contrinex Series 620 Sensor corresponds to those of the 300, 400, 420 and 600 series. In terms of switching, the 620 series has been optimised to increase operating distances especially for small sizes. With a relatively small mark up in price, the sensing operating distances can be vastly increased.

  • M30 and cuboid devices
  • Standard devices
  • Devices with long operating distance
  • All-metal devices
  • Cuboid devices: 40x40 mm, 40x120 mm, 60x80 mm and 80x100 mm

Contrinex Series 700

Contrinex Series 700 SensorThe Contrinex Series 700 Sensor features an all metal construction. The 700 series offers resistance corrosion by cleaning and disinfecting agents or organic acids. The one piece of housing is made of food safe and connection is made by food safe TPE-S cable or S12 connector. Cables versions are pressure resistant to 1,150 psi (M12), and 600 psi (M30).

Contrinex inductive proximity sensors are suitable for a range of food processing application such as canning, beverage and brewing, meat processing and animal feeding.

If you would like to know more about Contrinex Sensors and inductive proximity sensors, contact More Control on: 0345 00 00 400.

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