Automation Repair Services

Unlike other automation distributors, More Control provides a complete repair service on all items sold. We invest all our skill and energy into providing high quality, cost effective repair solutions geared towards the needs of our customers.

What Does More Control Repair?

We offer repairs on the full range of industrial automation products sold from us from leading manufacturers. As a Premier partner of Omron, we provide full support and technical repairs on all Omron products.

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Benefits of Automation Repair

  • Minimize machine downtime
  • Repair and failure investigation and testing
  • Quick, reliable and cost efficient
  • Domestic service center and repair shop
  • International service hub
  • Site service and maintenance service available
  • Repair report

More Control Repair Program in Detail

The core automation repair service More Control performs ensures that your machine / products meet up to date regulations and are optimised to the task at hand. According to different degrees of urgency, our repair technicians can perform onsite support. More Control specialises in repair of automation control products, PLC's & HMI's. For these automation products, More Control manages the repair on your behalf and ensures that all products which are repaired get full warranty cover.

If you require your machinery to be fitted, upgraded or re-designed, More Control will work with your needs to provide a complete automation solution to suit your automation needs.Product tracking assembly

Inverters / AC Drives

Our technical team cater for AC variable speed drives from 0.37kw up to 500kw and above.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

With extensive background knowledge of PLC's, especially Omron PLC's, More Control can re-fit, repair, upgrade and future proof any PLC control system new / obsolete.

Servo DrivesFor both new / obsolete servo drives, our repair abilities will be to ensure that your drives are up and running, every time.

Servo Motors: For complete repairs of Servo Motors, More Control understands how servo motors interface with machine tool servo systems and can repair any Servo Motor.

HMIMore Control can offer a comprehensive repair and refurbishment service on HMI's and displays. Whether the HMI is on a machine tool or part of a PLC system, More Control can work with your requirements to get your HMI repaired & serviced.

More Control can backup any firmware, software and operating parameters of your HMI to ensure that switching over HMI's or upgrading systems is easy and cost effective to implement.

How Does the Automation Repair Work?

Contact our office on 0345 00 00 400 with the part number, model and make of your product and outline the fault.

Depending upon the fault and scarcity of spare parts the rates for repair alter. Once the fault has been confirmed, our repairs team will send out information on repairs + lead times.

After assessing your faulty item we will email a fixed price, no obligation, quotation to you. We will then await your confirmation that you wish to proceed with the repair.

Once the repairs have been complete the product will be returned to you.

Testing & Warranty

All automation repairs are 100% functionally tested, before being sent back and are covered by our comprehensive warranty.

For more information about how More Control can help repair and develop your automation machinery contact us today.

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