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Insys are world class industrial data communication experts.

Insys devices help bridge communications between machines and systems around the world. Regardless of distance of senders/receivers, Insys devices help customers save on time, money and effort with advanced remote monitoring solutions.

Insys allows you to take control of machines remotely, service and maintenance them, discover and correct faults and adjust calibrations all from in office. With an Insys system you can eliminate the need for sending out engineers to machines as it gives you complete control and reporting at any time.

Insys focus on providing innovative technology into robust real world applications, minimising downtime and increasing machine/system productivity.

Insys Remote Monitoring

At the core of Insys systems is their emphasis on security. The technology used enables maximum level of security in the transfer of data. Built in protection of systems against manipulation and sabotage. Reliability of devices and systems ensuring continual operational availability and long operational life and minimum level of maintenance required.

Insys typical applications

  • Remotely access controllers
  • Remotely query data loggers
  • Send alarms to indicate problems
  • Remote switching
  • Change protocols
  • Log data
  • Monitor sensors
  • Optimise processes
  • Update software remotely
  • Remote maintenance
  • ... and many more

Insys EBW Router

Insys EBW Industrial Router Series

Connecting Reliable and Secure

The Insys EBW industrial router series allows you an easy, reliable and secure connection of many different applications. Firewall and VPN functionalities are a matter of course. The EBW series is also based on the well-proven INSYS operating system for a consistent configuration and operation of the devices.

Insys MoRoS Industrial Router Series

MoRoS GPRS HSPA 180All rounded for highest flexibility

The Insys MoRos series provides maximum functionality and flexibility for your applications.

The industrial router MoRoS combines a modem, a router and a switch in one device. It can dial-in over mobile networks (3G/ HSPA, GPRS/EDGE)

The dial-in and dial-out functionality enables remote maintenance and operation of devices in an Ethernet network.

The integrated switch allows a direct connection for up to five network devices. Via a web interface the configuration of the MoRoS is very fast and easy.

A firewall and integrated VPNs (openVPN, IPsec) care about data security. With the integrated Linux Sandbox users can implement their own applications.

For more information about Insys and remote monitoring solutions, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.


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