Beijer Conversion

Convert P1000 Programe to use an X2 Series

Yaskawa Sigma

Video shows how to convert Yaskawa Sigma Servo Drive.  Program Sigma 5 or Sigma 7 new servo model

Locate pick and place from More Control

Locate pick and place thumbnail

As products are not always in a uniform position it is often necessary to integrate the robot pick and place with a vision system to locate the product.

Robotic pick and place from More Control

Pick and place thumbnail

Robots offer flexibility and repeatability with constant quality without operators experiencing fatigue.  A robot can also handle products in a repetitive manner in environments that are hazardous to human employees.

F3SG-R Safety Light Curtain

F3SG-R Safety Light Curtain easy to align and maintain, fast diagnostics with LED indicators and QR code Support, fast response time.

FH Vision Controller

Omron FHseries Vision Controller provides higher speed and precision for Machine cycle time and is loaded with all of the performance required to move Machines quickly and at high precision into a compact Controller for embedding into Machine.

3G3MX2 Inverter Drive

The Omron 3G3MX2 is specifically designed to drive machines (harmonise advanced motor and machine control)

Delta Robot by OMRON

During the Automaticon 2015 OMRON has presented Delta Robot that catch up either businessmens' or enthusiasts' attention. 

Delta Robot Pick and Place

The fastest picking system integrated in the Sysmac platform 

Delta Robot Sysmac

Omron: Sysmac and Delta robot playing ping pong

Barcode Checking System

Our system is designed to store a barcode number & check that all packaging has the unique code.

Barcode Recognition System

Automated Bar code checking System

Linear Positioning Application

More Control was asked by our customer to provide an alternative to a traditional mechanical dial readout.

Large Wire Relay Base

The new sockets are available in two versions, type P2RF-05-ESS for use with single-pole G2RS relays, and type P2RF08-ESS for use with double-pole relays.

Monitoring Safety Relays

Resolving Problems with monitoring safety relays! Industrial application solutions from More Control UK Ltd.

Splice Detection System

Our system design uses a special ultrasonic sensor to detect splices regardless of packaging base & colour.

Production Line Monitoring Application

Production Line Monitoring Application from More Control

Automated Art Umbrella

Automated art umbrella application for wind and rain detection.

Large Production Counter

Large production counter and rate meter

Barcode Verifier

Demonstration of the use of a Barcode Verifier to ensure barcodes meet stringent retail standards.

Pick to light

New capacitive button illuminated pick to light system for manual assembly processes

Meech Air Amplifier

Meech Air Amplifiers provide large airflows whilst consuming a minimal volume of compressed air.

Sick Reflex Array

The Reflex Array is unique from Sick. Photoelectric sensor with the light band  

Murr MICO Power Distribution

MICO monitors currents / detects stress / indicates when maximum load & flexibility

Meech Hyperion 929IPS

Meech Hyperion 929IPS compact pulsed DC ionising bar with integrated power supply (IPS), 24VDC.

Powerful ionisation for close to mid-range applications.

E3ZM Sensor Test

E3ZM Sensor Test December 2013 - testing durability and effectiveness. 

E3NX Fibre Amplifier Test

Controlled test of the Omron E3NX-FA Fibre Amplifier.

Testing for: Surface Sensing, Object Detection, High Speed Sensing.

NB HMI Driver Installation

Omron Quick Tip Video - NB HMI USB Driver Installation

NJ Sysmac Controller

This video will show you robot and vision integration into Omron's Sysmac Automation Platform and how this especially benefits Pick & Place applications.

Omron G2RV & G3RV Relays

Introduction to Omron's G2RV and G3RV General Purpose Solid State Relays

G9SE Safety Relay

Compact Omron G9SE Safety Relay Units for Simple Applications

Scalable Machine Automation

Omron's Smart Machine Automation. All from our smallest PLC to the newest Machine Automation System NJ501

Omron Sysmac Controller

This video will show you robot and vision integration into Omron's Sysmac Automation Platform and how this especially benefits Pick & Place applications.

Secomea WIFI Connection SiteManager

Establish a Wifi connection on a Secomea SiteManager Secomea SiteManager with Wifi - Learn how to establish a Wifi connection on a Secomea SiteManager

Configure SiteManger with USB Stick

Configure SiteManager with USB Stick

Learn how to configure a Secomea SiteManager using a USB memory stick

Secomea GateManager Start Guide

This video is intended for customers who have received the Secomea starter package including a FREE GateManager BASIC administrator account.

Secomea Remote Access Solution

The Secomea solution for secure remote programming access to industrial equipment such as PLCs and HMIs, explained in just 3 minutes. 

WERMA Wireless Monitoring

An introduction to WERMA's unique wireless monitoring system for machines and workstations.

PWS-870 10” Fully Rugged Tablet

PWS-870 10” Fully Rugged Tablet Serves in Various Applications  

PWS-870 Tablet Application Oriented

The Advantech PWS-870 is a fully rugged tablet with built-in data collection features: 2M/5M dual cameras, 1D/2D barcode reader, and NFC RFID reader.


S8VK-G Series Power Supply

Whether installing in extreme temperatures or hazardous locations, Omron's S8VK-G Series Power Supplies guarantee stable operation.

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