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Robotic pick and place

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Click here to watch the More Control automated pick and place robot. 

Companies often feel the use of unskilled operators offer a low-cost approach of packing goods. This decision is often based on past bad experience or false thoughts that robotic packing equipment can’t perform the task or is very costly. In fact, the cost of ownership is often much lower than expected and payback
can be achieved in less than 24 months.

For many years, a major cheese producer was using manual labour to pack processed cheese into their vacuum sealing machine, this was slow and heavy work for a team of packers.

Following product trials, More Control integrated a robotic pick and place solution that offered fully automated locating and packing directly from the inline slicer into the vacuum packer. Not only did the new automated cell give a dramatic reduction in contract labour it also provided consistent packing over three shifts without breaks or sickness.

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